Prayer Mat|hamoon|3 pieces

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Termeh is among the old traditions of fabric producing in Iran which is mainly produced in Yazd province and is known for its high weaving quality and elegant look. Termeh or Tirmeh is an Indian term which referred to the pattern of a curved cedar. The art of making Termeh goes back to 400 years ago, when it was mostly produced by Zoroastrian for making special ceremonial dresses such as Gabri trousers and wedding dresses. Material used in weaving Termeh is mainly from viscos fabric, which is of organic source and therefore nonallergic.

Additional information

Dimensions 110 x 66 cm

Blue, Cyan, Red, Pale Goldenrod, Green Yellow, Spring Green, Pink, Dark Blue, Crimson

size & piece

45*45(1 piece)-45*26(1 piece)-110*66(1 piece)


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